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Updates Archive - May, 2005

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

7:08 PM EST

I'm thinking what I've got for everyone today will make up for the extreme lack of updates lately. "What could that possibly be," you ask? I'll tell ya! A 5-page segment from the original Alferd Packer: The Musical script.

Before you read, here's a little useful info. The roles of Bell and Miller are opposite of what they are in the film. Only later in the script do the roles somewhat match up with the film. The song in this part of the script was replaced in the movie by the "Shpadoinkle" reprise, though the "Don't Be Stupid" interjection was still conceived by Trey at this early stage. And for those unaware of the "Don't Be Stupid" scene, click here. With all that said and done, here is your download: scriptsnippet1.pdf (108Kb). Enjoy!

You can actually thank Alex Keldin and Jason McHugh for making this possible. If you'd like to discuss this script snippet as well as talk with Alex and Jason (among many others involved with making Cannibal!), join in the discussion here on the forum (note: you must be registered to view).


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