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Updates Archive - July, 2005

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

10:40 PM EST

A couple days ago, 3 Schooner producer Mike Vardy and our own Jason McHugh did an interview with the Victoria radio station, The Zone 91.3. And, thanks to Mike and the kind folks at The Zone, we have it available for your listening pleasure: zoneinterview.mp3 (2.37Mb). Enjoy!

1:04 AM EST

The 3 Schooner Productions' stage play version of Cannibal! starts this evening and will run a full month. So, for those of you in the Victoria area of British Columbia, Canada, your chance to see Cannibal! on stage has come! Basic information can be found on the Stage Play page, but for more details, please visit 3 Schooner's Cannibal Site.

Be sure to check out a couple of recent articles about this production: Esquimalt News & Monday Mag.


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