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Updates Archive - November, 2004

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

12:16 AM EST

Here a few things on upcoming stage play performances:

  • The Rocky Mountain College performance in Billings, MT that was to take place December 1st - 3rd has been postponed until February.
  • The Clouded Mind Productions performance in Phoenix, AZ will be January 21st - 30th, and will be directed by William E. Clayten.
  • The Ironwood Ridge High School performance in Tucson, AZ has a flyer available for viewing.

Check out the Stage Play page for all updated information.


Tuesday, November 16th, 2004

11:54 PM EST

The Cannibal! stage play in Italy began its run today. Click Here for a preview of the show (WMV, 18Mb). The scene is of Polly's first visit to Alferd in jail. They did make some creative changes, which you'll probably notice, even if you don't understand Italian.

Visit their site for more details.


Sunday, November 7th, 2004

5:42 PM EST

Trey Parker, Trey Parker, Trey Parker! There's no doubt in my mind that Trey would hate this Australian ad for Cannibal!, for the very same reason he is credited as Juan Schwartz in the film. However, it is pretty funny, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it: aus_cannibal.wmv (poor quality). Thanks to Todd and his Cannibal Page.

Also added another video to the site, to show Trey's obsession with the quote from A Christmas Carol, "God bless us, everyone!" It has a lead-in from Time Warped!, so you might want to check it out: Clicky!


Monday, November 1st, 2004

11:56 PM EST

New forums! After the new addition of SPA to the CRAP family, all of the forums among the various sites have been combined to form one awesome interactive community. Check 'em out! Big thanks to Ray & Tom for pulling this thing off - and Mattt & Juz for their help as well. Read more about the new forums Here.


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